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Magisso by See Alto, citrus squeezer Bulb Citrus Reamer

| Designbest editorial staff


n extremely practical sculptural citrus squeezer; this is Bulb Citrus Reamer. Bulb Citrus Reamer is the latest citrus squeezer by Magisso, distributed by See Alto. An ultra-ergonomic citrus squeezer perfect for any type of fruit, from the smallest of lemons to the largest of grapefruits. And when work is done, it becomes a self supporting piece.


What is it? Bulb Citrus Reamer by Magisso, distributed by See Alto is an ergonomic dual-sided citrus squeezer.

What is special about it? Bulb Citrus Reamer is double-sided, so it can be used upside down; this is precisely how you can squeeze from the smallest of lemons (on one side) to the largest of citruses (on the other). What’s more, it has a functional stand in bamboo, which saves your worktop from unnecessary spillage and lets you keep it always within reach.

How is it made? Ergonomic body in steel in a mirror-effect finish, which you can use at both ends. Plus, there’s a cylindrical base in bamboo, so it becomes a self supporting piece which you can have within reach.

Who is it by? Brand Magisso is distributed by See Alto, best-known for bringing out simple gadgets for a smart house and kitchen. What’s its mission statement? To design innovative pieces which can satisfy all your daily needs and make your life a lot easier.

We have chosen it because… Its unique shape and shine have really intrigued us, but its practicality is really what has won us over. And the fact that Bulb Citrus Reamer is attractive enough to be left on the kitchen counter has really enticed us, and so we have decided we cannot live without it.

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