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t’s time to celebrate the world’s most friendly voice: Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, who on November 6th turned three in Italy (and seven in America).

With over 10 billion interactions, 450 million hours of music played and 28 million calls, Alexa has become an irreplaceable companion in its users daily lives. Its importance continues to grow as it hits one achievement after another by providing its users with convivial moments, Skills and non-stop interaction.

 “In the first three years in Italy, the active users who utilize Alexa have significantly grown by 80% each year. Just in 2021 there have been over 5 billion interactions between users in Italy and Alexa” remarked Gianmaria Visconti, Country Manager of Amazon Alexa. Alexa has almost become another member of the family inside the home. “Just consider that over 7 million times last year users have said ‘I love you’ to it”.

It might be because we are more and more technological in the digital age or that our homes are welcoming more automation (Alexa is compatible with 140,000 devices for a “smart home”), whatever the case, this vocal assistant has been able to immediately break into the market, especially with regards to music: one of the most utilized functions is the digital speaker, which over the last year has taken care of over 280 million hours of streaming.

Plus, its “chef’s helper” function has been no less successful. Alex is becoming more and more of a highlight in the kitchen via its various Skills, including GialloZafferano, the favorite food media brand in Italy which suggests tons of recipes. In 2021, due to the pandemic, cooking became a revelation for many and Alex was there to provide over 5 million recipes.

A jack-of-all-trades, friend, entertainer, a source of information, advice and fun facts, Alex has a vast network of developers and partners and surprises us every day with new options. So why not use this Christmas to put an Alexa-sized package under the tree?



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