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Bitossi, collection Charge Tray

| Designbest editorial staff


ey tray, desk organiser, ceramic tray. So, what do these three things have share with smartphones and tablets? The answer rests in Charge Tray, designed by Bejamin Huber for Bitossi Ceramiche. For the house of the future, Bejamin Huber has designed cutting edge ceramic trays, in fact Charge Tray is a versatile range with simple aesthetics, always at the ready to charge our hi-tech gadgets! 

What is it? Charge Tray by Bitossi Ceramiche is a range of ceramic trays.

What is special about it? At a first glance, Charge Tray looks like any other key tray or desk organiser (and this is partly its function), however it hides a huge secret: each piece has a built-in inductive wireless charger for smartphones and tablets.

How is it made? The Charge Tray range is in die-cast ceramic, available in four different sizes in a choice of several types of enamel (salt, matt, sand and soba). The lower half of each tray has a built-in compression moulded silicone unit; this houses an inductive wireless charger for smartphones and tablets.

Who is it by? Design studio Layer was set up by Benjamin Huber, it aims at designing today the objects for our tomorrow. With futuristic and practical solutions, smart technology is how Layer meets current needs.

We have chosen it because… The Charge Tray has a minimalist look with clean and simple lines, it meets current needs while already looking to the future. And the plus side is, Charge Tray is neither garish nor comes with electric sockets or wires. Simple and brilliant!

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