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Eclisse, coat rack for sliding doors recessed Click

| Designbest editorial staff


imple, clean and brilliant; this is Click by Eclisse in brief. Click is a coat hanger, especially designed for sliding doors. A true spacesaver, which makes your life a lot easier, without attracting too much attention.


  • What is it? Click by Eclisse is a coat rack, especially designed for sliding doors.
  • What’s special about it? Especially designed for sliding doors, Eclisse is the first coat rack that can be mounted directly onto plasterboard walls.
  • How is it made? Coat rack with four hooks, it screws directly onto beams and plasterboard walls. It can be mounted flush to the wall, jutting out halfway or completely out. Just push one of the buttons above each hook to tilt the relevant hook, perfect for hanging hats, scarves and coats.
  • How is it made? Italian brand Eclisse is a top manufacturer of doors and window frames and counter-frames. The brand’s mission statement: great attention to detail, not taking anything for granted and a drive to design and manufacture quality, durable and ground breaking products, which meet individual needs and space requirements.
  • We have chosen it because… Click is clean and simple, and it almost goes unnoticed. However, in a mere moment it can tidy your home, resolving all your space problems. 



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