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Closca Helmet by Closca Design

| Designbest editorial staff


hen we travel by scooter or bike, we want our helmet to be comfortable, safe, and even beautiful. So what if we told you we have found one with something extra? Here is a special model that fits in your purse, stores your personal data and instantly folds in on itself when no longer needed.


  • What it is Closca Helmet by Closca Design, the foldable bike helmet.
  • What makes it special It is a foldable bike helmet (also appropriate for kick scooters) inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright in New York. Its patented folding system allows one to reduce the size of the helmet by 55% in order to make traveling even simpler (it even fits in a bag), without giving up on the highest safety standards. Not by chance, this helmet has received some of the most prestigious awards in design: the Red Dot Design Award, the Delta de Oro and the Eurobike Award.
  • How it is made The base model has interchangeable visors in various materials and colors, while the Nordic model even has a fabric visor fit for low temperatures. Light and aerodynamic, the helmet includes the innovative AirFlow ventilation system and can be customized in 15 different ways thanks to various color combinations. Additionally, its rear adjustment system allows one to perfectly fit it to the head by simply pulling on its bands, protecting the back of the head at the highest standards. Every Closca model is equipped with an NFC that allows the registration of one’s medical history and personal contacts in the case of potential emergencies. The Closca Loop Reflective model also includes a rear reflecting surface that, thanks to the latest in micro-prism technology, ensures elevated nighttime visibility without emitting blinding lights.
  • Whose idea it is Closca Design, the Spanish brand devoted to sustainability and functional and innovative creativity. Its mission is to create iconic products that can change the world and make it more “beautiful”, while helping the planet and creating new and healthier social behaviors.
  • We chose it because…  It has a modern and pleasing look, a safe shell and a unique and intelligent system that transforms into an impeccable space-saving and lifesaving accessory. Who would have thought that, in addition to being stylish and practical, a helmet could also fit inside a purse?



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