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Octaevo, collection Artigiani - creative direction Marcel Baer

| Designbest editorial staff


nspired by traditional pottery and Mediterranean-style, Collezione Artigiani by Octaevo combines a modern aesthetic with a distinctive handmade feel. And it all began from a simple sheet of paper.


  • What is it Collection Artigiani by Octaevo, vases in waterproof paper.
  • What is special An intertwined frame, furtive looks, pop-art-inspired graphics and naive patterns: inspired by traditional pottery and Mediterranean decorations, they are handmade, waterproof paper vases. Contemporary decorative objects with an extraordinary aesthetic.
  • How are they made They are made of waterproof paper that is folded, decorated or die-cut entirely by hand. They alternative serve as a decorative object or a vase, by integrating a plastic bottle or a cylindrical vase.
  • Who is it by From Barcellona, Octaevo specialises in stationery. Under the creative direction of Marcel Baer, who is inspired by Mediterranean-style as well as an enthusiastic sea-traveller, the brand combines creativity and craftsmanship, solely employing superior quality materials that are at one with nature.
  • We have chosen it because…  They're simple, fun and extraordinary. Besides, on a sheet of paper, they combine a contemporary aesthetic with traditional pottery, superior craftsmanship and stories from the Mediterranean.


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