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La Casa di Pietra, collection Confine - Gumdesign

| Designbest editorial staff


eavy or light, solid or fragile, eternal or perishable: marble and cardboard are at the opposite poles. Although, when paired-up they are transformed into complementary materials, capable of designing the new aesthetics of everyday life. From kitchen utensils to convivial objects, design-led too.


  • What is it Confine by La Casa di Pietra, vase/ chopping boards in marble and cardboard.
  • What is special about it Marble and cardboard influence and complete each other: in this way marble is light and cardboard is solid and strong. The combination is perfect and this collection of vases and chopping boards is a brilliant invention: practical, elegant and unexpected.
  • How is it made This collection combines contrasting materials and manufacturing processes: the marble chopping board is made simply with waterjet cutting technology and is finished by hand, however the cardboard vase requires is made from an extremely complex craftsmanship process that consists in assembling dozens of die-cut sheets together. The two complementary pieces are assembled similarly to a puzzle.
  • How is it by Gumdesign in partnership with Angelo Lussiana and Marmo Service. Gumdesign is an Italian architecture studio that focuses on industrial design, graphic design and the art direction of several design firms. Angelo Lussiana is an expert "cardboard craftsman" who uses this material to create everyday objects and fashion accessories too (thanks to a special "cardboard fabric", patiently created by joining hundreds of small strips together). Marmo Service, last but not least, is a company that manufactures products in Apricena stone. The synergy between these three entities has given life to an unconventional collection that pushes material boundaries with a characterful, functional design.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ Thanks to a pleated-effect, these objects appear fragile and charming, although they release an unexpected strength and practicality. The innovation is represented by the way in which the materials are employed: marble and cardboard, coupled together, push material boundaries and re-write new rules for contemporary design. 


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