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Fornasetti, collection Coromandel

| Designbest editorial staff


desk, a lamp, a nightstand, a chair, a magazine rack and trays; they are the pieces that equally pay a tribute to Piero Fornasetti and represent an ode to nature. With bright colours, hand-painted patterns and one-of-a-kind pieces.


  • What is it Coromandel by Fornasetti, a collection of hand painted accessories.
  • What’s special It’s a tribute to Piero Fornasetti and his love for nature that often inspired by his work. Coromandel is a direct reference to the port by the same name on the Indian coast from which Chinese furniture sailed to Europe. Every piece in the collection is hand painted on a silver leaf with traditional techniques.
  • How is it made All the pieces are hand painted on a silver leaf with bright colours and floral patterns. Inspired to eighteenth century Chinese style, the pattern was originally designed by Piero Fornasetti in the fifties. All the pieces are handmade according to tradition and are available in several shapes and sizes. Besides, the collection includes a one-of-a-kind piece designed by Piero’s son, Barnaba Fornasetti.
  • Who is it Piero Fornasetti worked as a sculptor, painter, designer, a publisher of art books as well as a pure creative talent. Throughout his career, Pietro Fornasetti created over eleven thousand objects, set designs and costumes as well as overseeing many international exhibitions and events. Fornasetti, the namesake interior design brand, continues the designer’s work by drawing on the metaphors of an imaginary world, in which dreamy suggestions are combined with romantic and metaphysical taste. Piero Fornasetti’s style is distinctive and refined and by combining art and design, it prefers simple silhouettes enhanced by natural patterns and surreal images.
  • We have chosen it because… Here, Fornasetti revisits a traditional oriental pattern and subsequently, transforms it into a sophisticated style that adds a dreamy and partly nostalgic touch to your home, fresh and modern nonetheless.


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