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KnIndustrie, collection Crete - design Q-Bic + Studio Brizzi Riefenstahl

| Designbest editorial staff


egin with a material appropriate for healthy eating. Add a refined colour, for style and character. Mix all the ingredients for a gourmet cookware set.


  • What is it Crete by KnIndustrie, a set of earthenware pots.
  • What is special They are practical as well as elegant. This set of earthenware pots is perfect to cook healthy, flavoursome dishes (especially braised meat and stews), with no additional condiments and its perfect as a serving dish too. In addition, the lid doubles as a practical stand.
  • How is it made With this set of three pots in enamelled earthenware, you do not require additional condiments. Earthenware in fact, facilitates an optimal exchange of heat and humidity and acts as an ideal insulator: it heats up slowly and transfers heat as slowly, cooking food without temperature changes. It is perfect for dishes that require long cooking times such as stews, braised meat and risotto. All the pots have a lid.
  • Who is it by Q-Bic and Studio Brizzi Riefenstahl, the architecture practice started in 2005 by the architect Luca Baldini and the designer Marco Baldini. For them, “to design” is a desire to create something unique and distinctive, from architecture to graphic design, from product design to setting up of temporary spaces as well as directing events in the world of fashion and theatre.
  • We have chosen it because… It perfectly combines healthy eating and style as “black” has always stood for style and taste. Without a doubt, this cookware set is the perfect addition to your kitchen.


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