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ABCT by  KnIndustrie

| Designbest editorial staff


veryone knows that crock pots are ideal for cooking stews and soups. However, ABCT by knIndustrie is a lot “taster” than usual: it can become a pan, casserole dish and even a caddy…


  • What is it? ABCT by KnIndustrie is a crock pot in anthractie, designed for long cocking times.
  • What is special about it? ABCT by KnIndustrie has all the charm of old crock pots, as well has having a simple and almost basic elegance. In fact, all the charm is in its simplicity and it can be adapted to a variety of different uses. And how? tray-pot holder in timber, claw handle and the lid with handle…
  • How is it made? ABCTis entirely made out of earthenware, it comes in two different diameters: 24 cm and 28cm. ABCT is non-stick and it’s suitable for both a traditional hob and an induction top; it can be complemented by the other pieces of the collection.
  • Who is it by? knIndustriecan be summed up in three words: sustainability, innovation and design. And what’s its design mission? To simplify kitchen utensils (for cooking, baking and serving food), these products are extremely versatile.
  • We have chosen it because… ABCT is an extremely functional piece: use it to cook in a healthy and tasty way. What’s more, it’s aesthetically pleasing and versatile; you can display it on the kitchen counter, use it like a pan, casserole dish (the handle comes on and off like a clamp), fruit bowl and it can even go in the fridge… 
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