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Caimi Brevetti, Design Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


esign Collection by Caimi Brevetti has it all: soundproof panels, storage and letter tray, steel drawers, pen holder and book stand. Everything you could possibly wish for, it even has that elegant practicality which you’ve always longed for, ideal for a study.


  • What is it? Design Collection by Caimi Brevetti is a desk set.  
  • What is special about it? Design Collection includes a series of functional and durable steel accessories, which also come with tiny soundproof panels that hook on the desk. Design Collection is perfect for building a personalized workstation, as well as sharing your desk with the entire family without being disturbed. 
  • How is it made? Steel storage, drawers and letter tray, whereas the soundproof panels are made using Snowsound patented technology by Caimi Brevetti. The set is designed around a standard unit, and all the different accessories hook onto a U shaped steel frame.
  • Who is it by? Caimi Brevetti is a leading name in the field of soundproof panels for offices and private homes. Set up in 1949, throughout the years, Caimi Brevetti has always focused on innovation, impactful aesthetics and environmental awareness.
  • We have chosen it because… In a mere moment,Design Collection will turn your desk into a really efficient workstation without compromising on aesthetics, helping us keep our desk tidy without much effort at all.


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