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Porro, collection Design Decors Design

| Designbest editorial staff


ive graphic patterns, a powder colour palette and several splashes of bright shades; this is Design Decors Design by Porro in brief. Inspired by the world of high-fashion, Design Decors Design is the latest textile series by Porro, suitable to upholster wardrobes and bookcases, and great for tablescapes too.


  • What is it? Design Decors Design by Porro is a new home textile series.
  • What’s special about? This textile series was developed from an original idea: the inspiration comes from the silhouettes of iconic pieces by Porro, used to upholster the interiors of wardrobes and bookcases. The overall effect was so chic and sophisticated that the collection was extended to cover tablescapes, contemporary designs suitable for any occasion.
  • How is it made? A textile series in five different graphic patterns, inspired by the iconic furniture by Porro, ideal for upholstering the interiors of bookcases and wardrobes, just like valuable treasure troves. Furthermore, this collection includes placemats in different styles that can be mixed-and-matched with the rest of your decors.
  • Who is it by? The Milanese designer Serena Confalonieri is known for her work in the fields of interior design, graphic design and textile design, and for the special attention she pays to surfaces. Just like in this case: a fresh take on Porro’s iconic designs, which combines details taken from furniture, bright shades, powder colours and reference from the world of high-fashion.
  • We have chosen it because… Design Decors Design by Porro has a clean and simple aesthetic, inspired by the spirit of this brand. This textile series isn’t exclusively reserved for furniture, in fact it’s also great for freshening up your everyday table.


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