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ABenergie, system DiCE 

| Designbest editorial staff


Benergie presents DiCE, a new revolutionary hi-tech design device that controls, in a simple and functional way, the electrical consumption of our homes.


  • What is it? DiCE by ABenergie, the IOT (Internet of things) device that controls the electrical consumption of our homes.  
  • What is special about it? At a first glance, it looks like a unique colourful lamp with a simple yet hypnotizing design. In reality, it has an intelligent and multi-functional heart that interacts with us: it’s designed to keep power consumption under control just by looking at it (it communicates with your electrics and changes colour to warn you of any waste or limits: green if everything is fine, flashing red if you have reached the maximum power threshold), by touching it you can turn it into a game to play with family and friends and when needed, it becomes a wireless emergency light (to be controlled by touching it with a finger).
  • How is it made? This design-led device interacts with a simple stroke and with its integrated modem communicates autonomously with our home electrics. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it stores our habits (on consumption and timetable) and alerts us in case of changes or anomalies, using different colours. In addition, thanks to the DiCE app, it communicates with our smartphone and gives us real-time information on our electrical consumption. It is an “easy play” system, in other words it can be simply installed without having to alter the electrical system. Finally, it can be used as a wireless emergency light (self-activated in case of a blackout and the light is adjustable) and it can become a fun game for the whole family.
  • Who is it by? Born in 1973 in Bergamo, north Italy, the architect Marco Acerbis’s work goes from architecture to product design, and from interior design to graphics. His design instinct combines function, simplicity and pure innovation. Here, Marco developed an extremely simple shape, the cube, into an object that was functional and appealing at the same time, as well as bewitching and ultra hi-tech.
  • We have chosen it because… It has an almost hypnotic appeal (whether it’s for its curved silhouette or its colourful lights), its integrated technology has been especially designed to make your life easier, support us in saving money and turning into a game to be played by the whole family. In short, the perfect roommate.


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