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Authentics, Door Stop

| Designbest editorial staff


he latest doorstops have a curved wooden silhouette and a granite base. Aside from being practical, Door Stop by Authentics have an irresistible poetic allure.


  • What is it? Door Stop by Authentics are doorstops in wood and granite.
  • What is special about it? Door Stop by Authentics have an attractive design that lets your imagination run wild: whether they are imaginary creatures for a child’s bedroom, unconventional stamps for a study or tiny wooden skittles you can play with. On a daily basis, they are perfect as a door stop too, as well as a stylish paperweight or practical bookends.
  • How is it made? Door Stop has a granite base with a non-slip plastic ring and a wooden body. Inspired by a shaker, Door Stop is available in three different shapes and two finishes.
  • Who is it by? The owner of Gabriel Tan Studio, Gabriel Tan mixes design, craftsmanship, culture and technology. Known for often braking the boundaries of conventional design, Grabriel Tan interprets luxury living in a completely new way and he turn everyday objects into fantastical, poetic and refined objects. 
  • We have chosen it because… Door Stop by Authentics are fun, elegant, simple, luxurious and have a handmade feel, as well as poetic and contemporary. These doorstops are a striking example of chic, practical, “everyday design”.


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