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Double and Moiré the centerpiece bowl and tray, Alessi 2019.

| Designbest editorial staff


nd finally, we are here. That festive air filling the streets for the last few weeks is now knocking at the door. It’s time to decorate the room with everything that is beautiful in order to create the right atmosphere. The eye-catcher par excellence is naturally the table and especially that which sits at its center. And so, we need a rather special centerpiece…

  • What they are:  Two complements for a bright red table by Alessi: the Double fruit bowl and the Moiré tray.
  • What makes them special:  With a unique iridescent plastic look, Double and Moiré aim towards simplicity in form and technical perfection in finish.
  • How they are made:  Both the bowl and tray are steel colored with epoxy resin and a relief decoration. The unique production of the metallic granulation-enhanced surface reinterprets an ancient goldsmith technique in an industrial manner. The disposition of the grains follows the sequence of Fibonacci—the Italian mathematician who first translated the golden ratio into numbers (one of the highest principles that regulates forms found in nature). Double and Moiré are part of the Texture & Colours collection by Alessi and are available also in black.
  • Whose idea they are:  The Double bowl is a project by Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, pioneers of pop design in the sixties’ group De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi—creators of iconic pieces like the inflatable Blow armchair and the Joe chair (the famous baseball glove dedicated to Joe Di Maggio). While Moiré carries the signature of Marcel Wanders, the eclectic Dutch designer known for his timeless, elegant and anticonventional style.
  • We chose them because…  Beyond bringing a burst of joy to the table, Double and Moiré intrigue us because behind their apparent simplicity hides Fibonacci’s brilliant mathematical intuition, which we had to brush up on for the occasion (we’ll let you take care of that on your own). Let’s just say that if in the bowl or on the tray you place a branch or flower as Christmas decorations, you might find yourselves counting the leaves or number of petals…



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