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Eatsy table set by Jexster Lim

| Designbest editorial staff


rom an idea for a type of design that helps those with difficulties comes a simple and decidedly smart set of bowls, dishes and utensils. They are made of plastic and come with a special feature: a soft silicone flap that simplifies life for those who cannot see.

What it is Eatsy by Jexter Lim, the table set designed for the visually impaired.

What makes it special It aids the visually impaired thanks to a simple silicone flap that turns dishes, bowls and utensils into handy objects and simplifies their daily use, making dining a more enjoyable and stylish experience.

How it is made It is a multifunctional dishware set that includes a dish, bowl, cup and utensils designed with a unique characteristic: a silicone flap that folds and simplifies use for those who cannot see. The silicon flap becomes a sort of marker and sensory guide for the visually impaired, helping them feel the edge of the container in order to pour water in the cup, gather the food at the edge of the dish or position the spoon so it doesn’t fall into the bowl. Stackable and ideal for both right and left-handers, it is also the perfect table set for the elderly and children, or even to add a touch of style to the table.

Whose idea it is Jexter Lim, the Chinese industrial designer that places design at the service of people. This project comes from a precise idea to “create a table set capable of improving the culinary experience of the visually impaired”.

We chose it because…  It just takes a small feature to make a big difference and this table set is the perfect example. It goes for simple design (though much research went into it) and achieves optimal functionality without forgetting about style.

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