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Philips, Eco Conscious Edition 

| Designbest editorial staff


o start the day out right you need a good and healthy breakfast which is in tune with nature. That’s why Philips has made its new Eco Conscious Edition with us and the environment in mind. It includes a toaster, electric kettle and coffee machine which are made in bio-polypropylene (BioPP), a bio-plastic obtained from kitchen oil waste.

This collection represents a breakthrough in the field of the production of sustainable materials. Thanks to a controlled disposal process, kitchen oil (which often gets erroneously thrown down the sink) is recovered and transported to a plant which is specialized in the treatment of waste products. From there it gets turned into organic-based plastic granules which Philips Domestic Appliances uses to produce the Eco Conscious Edition.

This new line of kitchen appliances offers great performance and a low environmental impact in an optimal design. It guarantees up to a 21% reduction in Co2 emissions during use. The kettle, which was designed to reduce water and electricity waste, heats up to 1.7 liters of water in a few minutes, but has a level indicator which allows you to just boil the necessary amount and an automatic shutdown system which limits consumption. Meanwhile, the toaster offers eight browning settings and can heat up croissants or defrost bread thanks to its extra grill. Plus, it has a crumb collection tray, a removable cover (to close it when it is not needed) and an automatic startup button. Lastly, the coffee machine prepares up to 10 large cups (15 small ones) and allows you to pour a cup before the entire cycle is completed, which further reduces waste. Practical and beautiful, all of the appliances have a body built in 100% BioPP plastic coming from a certified organic source.

This collection offers true innovation for our daily lives at an affordable price, and goes on to prove that a good day, for us and the planet, starts in the morning.



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