The Pebble by Otherwise 

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e know that plastic and disposable objects are longstanding problems and one of the most relevant issues with regards to pollution and environmental destruction.

The person bringing attention to this issue now is Pharrell Williams, the popstar and owner of the multidisciplinary collective I Am Other. Together with Pentatonic, a leading company in the circular economy, they have designed The Pebble, an alternative dining toolkit.

This set comes completely from old recycled CDs and polycarbonate waste. Colorful and eye-catching, the kit includes a knife, fork, spoon, straw and even a pair of chopsticks, all enclosed in a practical case to take with you.

In the office or outdoors, a quick lunch break or a picnic with friends, The Pebble is a true space-saver and environment-saver: all of the pieces instantly break down and fold to reduce clutter to a minimum. They are made with disused polycarbonate that comes from CDs, DVDs and food packaging destined for the landfill, as well as recycled stainless steel that gets used for the metal parts. All of it can be infinitely reused and in time itself be recycled.

“We decided with Pentatonic to do something against the seemingly unstoppable use of disposable plastic materials”, explained Darla Vaughn, head of the project for I Am Other. The Pebble is surely a first—and intelligent—step forward because it is an object that, by starting from waste, perfectly combines sustainability, design and practicality. The shell with the kit weighs as much as a smartphone (convenient for putting it in a backpack or beach bag) and it has a practical carabiner-style clip to hook it to a belt or bag, while the cutlery has an ergonomic handle and is dishwasher-safe.

It is a tiny “green gem” produced by Otherwise, the eco-friendly company founded in a partnership between I Am Other and Pentaronic, which can be bought online on the site For now, there are two versions: a classic one with a purple shell or a Limited Edition yellow one with a gold clip, made to support Yellow Inc., a non-profit that promotes education projects for at risk children.





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