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EGO Private

| Designbest editorial staff


riting data to file, organizing it and then saving it; these are procedures we all normally do for work or for saving private memories. But, what if we told you there’s a new brilliant unhackable device? Straight from the 2017 Fuorisalone, Ego Private by EGO is an ultra-cool egg-shaped memory device.

  • What is it? Ego Private is the latest wireless memory device by EGO srl.
  • What is special about it? Ego Private is elegant, unbreakable and unexpected. This egg is actually a brilliant wireless device, you just need to rub its base onto another device to transfer all your personal data, documents, photos and private memories. Ego Private is a wireless device that connects to its own App and doesn’t require internet connection; this is exactly how you can avoid being hacked. 
  • How is it made? Ego is a wireless memory stick, which, just by rubbing its base onto another device, connects to its own App, and no internet connection is needed. This patented device has completely revolutionised the world of memory sticks, in fact Ego Private saves personal data without an internet connection. Ego has two settings Archive and Book, which run through the Ego App. They compile personal archives and turn, if need be, your private memories into a diary, which you can save in a virtual library or print right away. Ego Private comes in a total-black finish, which absorbs almost all of its light waves.
  • Who is it by? EGO was started in 2016 in Turin, northwest Italy, by a group of entrepreneurs with a common interest in finding innovative tech solutions. They have given life to this ground breaking project by bringing together knowledge from the fields of information technology, automotive engineering and finance. This resulted in Ego, a smart device which brings together superior design, technology and innovation, plus it’s made in Italy from start to finish.
  • We have chosen it because… In general, egg-shaped objects are thought to have harmonious aesthetics. And this is why we love Ego Private so much: a top of the line wireless memory device, which just like a treasure throve, keeps all your most precious memories, without requiring an internet connection. Ego Private is a smart egg-shaped device Made in Italy! 



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