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t a first glance, Marie is just a simple cube, but it will perfume your whole house as soon as you place it on a table. Marie is the new fragrance diffuser by Elica. This is smart technology at its very best. Marie will wipe out any unpleasant kitchen odours.

  • What is it? Marie, is a fragrance diffuser, complete with scented capsules, remote control and USB port.
  • What is special about it? Marie has a simple and tasteful aesthetic, which conceals an extraordinary power and Hi-Tech technology. Marie differs from conventional fragrance diffusers because it has: lithium batteries, remote control, wireless option and USB port. And apart from realising a pleasant fragrance, it neutralises cooking smells.
  • How is it made? Cold technology diffuses your chosen fragrance. First you need to insert the scented capsule in the appropriate flap and then, you can switch Marie on by either pressing the logo or using the remote control. You have ten different fragrances to choose from; they are all natural and alcohol-free. Chef Secrets has been especially designed to neutralize unpleasant kitchen odours, five different fragrances are available. Sense Emotions gives a gentle fragrance to any room, available in five different scents.


  • Who is it by? In recent years, Fabrizio Crisà has been working in partnership with Elica.  Crisà consults on the technical aspect of both home accessories and kitchen hoods. What's his design style? Crisà brings pure innovation with a futuristic touch; engaging and versatile.


  • We have chosen it because... We all like to have a fragrant home. Marie will let you have a different scent for each day of the week. And if this wasn’t enough, it also neutralizes in a single touch all unpleasant odours... 
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