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Misha, collection Esotismi - design Cristina Celestino

| Designbest editorial staff


audy yet refined designs. Bright yet natural colors. Cristina Celestino amazes us once again with her graceful and striking style and interprets haute-couture elegance to create domestics scenes with dreamy allure.


  • What they are Esotismi by Misha, the new collection of wallcoverings.
  • What makes them special There is all the beauty of high fashion, but also that of the wildest nature in these pure silk wallcoverings, which are artisanally made by following manufacturing processes dedicated to sustainability in order to dress the home in an ecological, sartorial and haute-couture way.
  • How they are made It is a collection made up of wallcoverings in pure hand-painted and hand-embroidered silk with four decorations: Cabana, Formosa, Passiflora and Oasi, each one proposed in two color variations. There are ottoman stripes alternated with vertical stripes, micro patterns with macro regimental patterns. The completely out-of-scale decorations mix geometries with floral and organic elements for a dreamy vision with bright colors. The entire manufacturing process is totally natural: the glues used are starch-based and do not damage the silk, while the pigments used for the handmade decorations are prevalently natural. The whole process, in addition to being eco-friendly, is strictly artisanal.
  • Whose idea it is Cristina Celestino, the Italian architect and designer born in 1980. She moved to Milan in 2009 and two years later founded her brand Attico Design, and then in 2013 she opened her studio. Her creative approach ranges from design to artistic consultancy for companies. Her eclectic, yet well-defined style that plays on small inventions, variations in scale, a surprising use of materials and plenty of iconographic research has brought her various international awards.
  • We chose it because… Imaginative, vibrant and truly amazing, this collection dresses the home with a sophisticated and unexpected savoir faire. A true “dream with eyes wide open”, as Celestino defines it.


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