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Tuck All by EVER Life Design - design Gianni Arduini & Marco Frigerio  (ph. courtesy everlifedesign.it)

| Designbest editorial staff


VER Life Design, the company specialized in bathroom fixtures and furniture, stepped up to the podium at the MDO.Montecarlo Prize 2019—the competition that rewards quality and innovation in design—in the “Sustainability” category.

Important recognition for this brand which has always carried forward an industrial “design for all” approach, with functionality and sustainability always at the forefront of their model. This approach translates into intelligent products that go for clean and minimal design that avoids material waste and guarantees high-quality and long-lasting products.

All of EVER Life Design’s proposals bring together innovation and versatility: shelves, racks, seats, taps and modular systems that come from a deep knowledge of the sector, but can also be easily inserted into other spaces, turning themselves into cross-cutting accessories ready to respond to any need.

The style and philosophy of this brand can be synthesized in the concept of “good design”: all of the products are people-centered and offer perfectly universal and inclusive solutions for our daily lives. Comfort, ergonomics and safety make up the bedrock of their design. The products are interpreted with a discrete and smart style, strictly Made In Italy, where imperceptible details create appeal and security.

Thanks to the creativity of the four designers that collaborate with the brand— Monica Graffeo, Gianni Arduini with Marco Frigerio and Diego Cisi—each object or accessory becomes a lovely life companion that accompanies us in any room of the home and becomes a memento (both useful and reassuring thanks to the use of non-conventional materials).

That’s why the first edition of the international MDO.Montecarlo Prize 2019—promoted by SAM MDO in collaboration with the magazine Arca International in partnership the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI), the International Federation of Interior architects/designers (IFI), Dedalo Minosse, Institut Français du Design, and the media partner La Gazette de Monaco—wanted to reward this brand the highest recognition. They wished to highlight how innovation, technology, design and sustainability are inherent to these collections that are within everyone’s reach.


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