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KnIndustrie, collection Experimental Cocktail

| Designbest editorial staff


xperimental cocktail by KnIndustrie is a set of sixteen different cocktail glasses in a variety of different materials, anything from bamboo to copper. Experimental cocktail is the trendiest idea of the season, especially designed to bring out the flavour in every type of drink. Savour each day of summer.  


  • What is it? Experimental cocktail by KnIndustrie, is a new line of cocktail glasses.
  • What is special about it? Experimental cocktail is inspired by the art of mixology, glasses are made from a variety of different materials, anything from copper to glass and from bamboo to steel. And most importantly, the hottest topic at the moment (to enjoy a cocktail while eating) with a series of glasses especially made for anything from hors d'oeuvres to dessert.  
  • How is it made? Experimental cocktail includes 11 different glasses, designed by Federico Briarava, bartender at the Locanda del Benaco in Salò, north Italy: the traditional Martini glass for a Dog Day Afternoon, a highball in clear borosilicate glass for a Dago Red, a lowball tumbler for an Exilude, a champagne glass to serve a Skywalker Classic, a bamboo glass for a Dark Side Benaco, a highball for an Angelo Esmeralda and a tiny steel cup for a Sweet Talks.
  • Who is it by? KnIndustrie designs and manufactures tableware and kitchen utensils, and the philosophy of this brand can be summed up in two words: sustainable and innovative. Versatile pieces which bring together contemporary design with food culture.
  • We have chosen it because… In summer, we like to accompany our salad with a drink, or sip a fruity cocktail with some salmon, toast with friends with a glass of champagne. So, what’s better than a set of glasses to bring out the taste of every single cocktail? Highball, lowball, glass, bamboo, steel… there’s something for everyone. Who can fight this trend? 


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