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Alessi, collection Faber Jorì - design: Marcello Jori

| Designbest editorial staff


aster is almost here and Easter eggs and festive decorations have brought to mind the iconic eggs by the Russian jeweller Fabergé. Faber Jorì by Alessi fresh new take on this classic piece: Marcello Jori’s modern version used a combination of enamels, relief patterns, golden details and glossy decorations.


  • What is it? Faber Jorì by Alessi are decorations you can hang.
  • What is special about it? Faber Jorì is a refined, superior quality collection, a fresh take on the traditional Fabergé eggs. Faber Jorì is fun and ironic too; this detail is what makes deluxe style more captivating and accessible to all.
  • How is it made? All the pieces of the collection are in hand-painted porcelain, embellished by enamels, relief patterns and golden detailing. Each decorative pattern has a different name: “Piacere, Pulcino il Grande”, “Generale Corallo”, “Mughetti e smeraldi”, “Mongolfiera reale”, “Ape dell’oro” and “San Bambino”.  
  • Who is it by? Marcello Jori is an eclectic artist who started his career in the seventies experimenting with photography, painting, sculpture and music. Throughout the years, Marcello has taken part at the Venice Biennale, exhibitions in Italy and abroad, installations and written several books too (including a novel). Since 2007, he was worked in partnership with top interior design brands.
  • We have chosen it because… Elegant yet fun and playful: there’s a chick dressed as a general, the hot-air balloon ready to take off and an egg that’s about to hatch... Faber Jorì by Alessi has the same appeal of the traditional Fabergé, yet with a modern twist that makes them more versatile and suitable for everyday life. Perfect, as Marcello Jori says himself “as Christmas eggs or Easter baubles”.


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