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Alessi, lunch box Food à porter - design Sakura Adachi 

| Designbest editorial staff


dd some cool to your lunch break. Replace your standard lunch box with Alessi’s new “lunch-clutch”: as practical as a bento-box, yet more stylish than a designer clutch bag, this is the ideal must-have accessory for the season (we’re going to use during the upcoming Milan fashion week).


  • What is it Food à porter by Alessi, is the clutch-shaped lunch box.
  • What’s special As practical as a bento-box (the lunch box par excellence), yet as elegant as a clutch-bag, it couldn’t go unnoticed during Milan fashion week. With Food à porter, packing lunch is something else.
  • How is it made Food à porter is made of thermoplastic resin, available in three different colours: grey, red or sky-blue. It has three different compartments (two compartments with an airtight lid and a third central compartment) and you fasten it with its wide handles. Alternatively, there’s handless style that fastens with an elastic strap.
  • Who is it by The Japanese designer Sakura Adachi combines Oriental culture with a craftsmanship approach. Sakura’s designs make the most of every material, besides they tell stories and perfectly combine form with function. As a result, Sakura’s approach leads to versatile, multifunctional and space-saving products.
  • We have chosen it because… It references the world of high-fashion and it adds an ironic twist to our work outfit, the “lunch-clutch” is the new office must-have accessory.


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