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Gomi Speaker

| Designbest editorial staff


plastic bags that transmit music; this is the revolutionary aspect of Gomi Speaker, a Bluetooth speaker. Gomi Speaker transforms waste, generally considered unrecyclable, in a stylish marble-effect. 


  • What is it Speaker by Gomi Studio, a Bluetooth speaker made from recycling plastic bags.
  • What is special It’s the result of an ambitious project: it salvages waste that would otherwise be disregarded. Every portable speaker is made from 100 plastic bags that are initially pressed and then transformed into one-of-a-kind colourful panels.
  • How is it made It’s made from 100 unrecyclable plastic bags that rather than being disregarded, are transformed into colourful panels in a marble-effect. The entire process results into one-of-a-kind, portable speakers with integrated Bluetooth technology.
  • How is it by Gomi Studio is a London based design-trio, known for its conscious effort towards safeguarding the environment. Their aim to salvage plastic, giving new life to unrecyclable waste.
  • Who is it by…  Inspired by the principles of sustainability, Gomi Speaker transforms waste into something beautiful, demonstrating that you are able to give new life to plastic, generally considered unrecyclable. You are able to pre-order Gomi Speaker on Kickstarter.


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