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Google Home Mini

| Designbest editorial staff


jack of all trades always at your service; this is our wish for 2019. Only a dream? On the contrary, it’s reality with this new portable device (in the colour of the year) that answers to all of your questions, arranges your calendar, finds your favourite compilation and in addition, controls all your home appliances.


  • What is it Google Home Mini by Google, a portable device that acts as a personal assistant as well.
  • What is special It’s tiny, smart and easy to use. This stylish device (in Living Coral, the Pantone colour for 2019) could be compared to a tiny krapfen, yet it has a brilliant mind. It answers to an infinite number of questions as well as helping you to plan a thousand different activities and create the right mood, adjusting lights, music and TV.
  • How is it made It’s a smart, tiny, compact speaker with an integrated Google assistant. Simply brilliant, it answers to lots of questions, it finishes your shopping list, it gives you up-do-date information on finance, sport, the weather and provides traffic information, it reminds you of all of your daily engagements and plays the right type of music to suit your mood, it adjusts the lights and plays audio-books, TV series and films on your Chromecast TV…All of the features work with a vocal command, electric cable and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Who is it by The American giant with headquarters in California, Google is a worldwide provider of online communications. The Google search engine, YouTube and the Android operation service are some of the brand’s most popular features. Besides, it’s currently on one of the most important tech companies round the world.
  • We have chosen it because… It’s familiar (with its simple, soft aesthetic), extremely stylish in Living Coral and it’s integrated with jaw dropping technology, especially designed to simplify your life. There’s no denying it, Google Home Mini by Google is the ideal companion for 2019.


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