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Tal Batit Studio, Hybrid Collection (image © anatoly krinitsky)

| Designbest editorial staff


ombine ancient Greek or Roman pottery with colourful vases in a distinctive contemporary style. Does this idea seem too risky? Take a look at this collection: it perfectly combines an ancient artefact and with a postmodern aesthetic, creating unique pieces that are undoubtedly decorative.


  • What is it Hybrid Collection by Tal Batit Studio, a new series of versatile pottery.
  • What is special This series includes one-of-a-kind pieces that combine top craftsmanship with ancient artefacts, a contemporary aesthetic and technological innovation. It undoubtedly holds its own in the world of design. 
  • How is it made It’s a versatile pottery series (Minis and Medius) that combines a futuristic aesthetic with ancient Greek and Roman references. All the vases are handmade with plaster moulds, using a 3D printer. The Minis vase line ranges from 24 to 30 cms and Medius from 34 to 40 cms.
  • Who is it by Tal Batit Studio is a Tel Aviv-based design studio that focuses on innovative sculptures and handmade object with a contemporary aesthetic. The studio combines traditional pottery techniques with a contemporary aesthetic and cutting-edge technology to create one-of-a-kind, postmodern objects that preserve the bewitching, handmade quality of times gone by.
  • We have chosen it because… Are you familiar with when you break a vase and you try to glue all the pieces back together again? Rather than trying to match all the pieces, here amphorae, ampoules, carafes and stills form a “crazy” sort of puzzle and create extraordinary pieces. A unique collection results from this methodology. Naive and funny, yet precious and refined as it combines a playful, contemporary aesthetic with the elegance of handmade antique vases. 


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