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Society Limonta, Isacco laundry basket - design Dario Antoniali

| Designbest editorial staff


t first sight, it seems impossible, a laundry basket as thin as a leaf. And yet Isacco by Society Limonta is the perfect solution for making dirty laundry “disappear”—even if it has been piling up for days—and keeping things tidy. Even if it is extremely thin and space-saving, it is also incredibly spacious. Designed by Dario Antoniali, a creative talent born in 1994, Isacco seems to have been made to surprise us. Slender, minimalist and quasi-archetypal, it is made up of an iron structure which supports the durable and elastic nylon laundry bag. At first it looks like a panel, but reveals itself to be a sort of elastic mesh divided into two (to separate lights and darks) which is capable of elegantly stretching itself to contain up to 7.5 kg of laundry.

Washing-machine fit and available in three colors, this unusual and brilliant laundry basket is the product of true experimentation which took place within the OLTRE Society Design Collection—the space at Society Limonta where the creative team of artists and designers experiment and develop products with unexpected designs.

It’s no surprise that Isacco appears in the products selected in the ADI Design Index 2021, competing for the Compasso d’Oro XXVII. This recognition is due to its bold personality which combines discrete and minimal design to the most in functionality. In short, it is simply innovative.



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