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illy Art Collection 2019, graphic design by Olimpia Zagnoli

| Designbest editorial staff


ith six friends, the eclectic, ironic illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli chooses six friends for her coffee break. So, she transforms traditional coffee cups into quaint characters that instantly make you smile.  


  • What is it illy Art Collection by Olimpia Zagnoli for illy Caffè, a new collection of coffee cups.
  • What is special about it Fun and stylish, it’s perfect for your coffee break. Decorated with quaint female characters by the illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, this coffee set perfectly represents contemporary conviviality as it’s fun, eclectic and full of sass.
  • How is it made This six-piece collection is decorated with a diverse range of female characters, six girlfriends that enjoy their coffee break together in six different colours: yellow, pink, blue, green, red and brown. All the plates are decorated with sunglasses and necklaces that unexpectedly transform into accessories you are able to swap and assemble in different ways. Started in 1992 by Francesco Illy, Illy Art Collection is constantly being expanded, currently composed by one-of-a-kind coffee cups designed by different artists. Throughout the years, over 100 different artists have collaborated with illy.
  • Who is it by Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator, born in 1984. From a family with an artistic background, Olimpia studied graphic illustration at IED (the European Design Institute) in Milan and subsequently moved to New York City. Throughout the years, she has made a name for herself for her colourful world with retro-inspired minimalist patterns. Ironic, eclectic and pop-art-inspired, Olimpia draws from a diverse range of influences that range from futurism to the Beatles, to celebrate the female universe and its unique characteristics.
  • We have chosen it because… Coffee breaks are essential everyday rituals, integral to our social life. illy Art Collection by Olimpia Zagnoli are perfect for this purpose. Take a look: don’t you feel as if you were sitting at a bar happily chatting with your girlfriends?


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