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USM, storage boxes Inos Box

| Designbest editorial staff


ertainly, boxes and space organizers are handy around the home, be it the living room, study, a child’s bedroom and even the entrance hall. So, why not go for something new? Inos Box is the latest storage series by USM: textile boxes with a lid that doubles up as a tray, perfect for tidying up.

What is it? Inos Box by USM is a new storage series, each box has a lid which doubles up as a tray.

What’s special about it? Inos Box is a storage series in polyester fibre, units are functional, durable and soft to the touch; this is a fresh new alternative to conventional boxes. What’s more, all units can be fitted with internal space organizers in painted foil; this keeps all your bits and bobs tidy, from underwear to jewellery and from stationary to cutlery.

How are they made? Units are in polyester fibre in either light-grey or anthracite, fitted with internal space organisers in powder coated foil which slot in (anthracite or light-grey). Lids, also in polyester fibre, double up as trays and turns each unit into a stackable box.

Who is it by? Since 1961, USM has been a leading name in the field of modular office furniture in metal. Throughout the years, USM has focused on manufacturing extremely functional pieces, known for their simple timeless aesthetics. Now, USM has launched a new storage series, fitted with extremely functional space organisers.

We have chosen it because… Inos Box by USM is a storage series with clean and simple aesthetics; this new breed of simplicity is also extremely elegant, so each unit can be kept in full view. But above all, Inos Box is an extremely versatile storage series, ideal for any need and choice of decor: in the bathroom as makeup or towel caddy, in the study as document or stationary holder and in a child’s room to tidy up little bits and pieces. Therefore, Inos Box can be used to store almost anything you want.

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