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Iris Apsel for Nude

| Designbest editorial staff


ude’s strong suit is undoubtedly it’s simple, functional elegance. Thanks to Iris Apfel’s irreverent and untameable spirit however, crystal glasses, jugs, vases and paperweights have a refreshed look. And they are instantly transformed into chic, collector’s items..


  • What is it  Inspired by Iris Apfel by Nude, a collection of crystal objects reinterpreted by Iris Apfel.
  • What is special It’s inspired by Iris Apfel’s fearless spirit, who is a unique interior designer and fashion icon too. At a first glance her style is in sharp contrast with Nude’s simple and functional aesthetic. Although, combining Iris’ legendary and provocative style with Nude’s ethos 'Simple is beautiful' has been an enormous success, creating a collection with a unique type of elegance, instant hit.
  • What is it This collection includes home accessories and tableware in handmade crystal with no lead content. Working in partnership with Nude’s designers, Iris Apfel has contributed her original style, reinterpreting the existing collection with extraordinary colours and patterns. The collection includes: the Beak range designed by Tomas Kral, Mono box designed by Ayse Birsel and two unreleased pieces, Iris Apfel’s paperweights that reproduce her large glasses and red lipstick, Iris’ distinctive features.
  • Who is it by  Here, the irreverent interior designer and undisputed style icon Iris Apfel collaborates with Nude, a designer brand with headquarters in Istanbul and that specialises in contemporary-looking glassware and home décor. Nude’s philosophy is “simple is beautiful” and in fact, its production that ranges from tableware to lighting design, combines form with function. Throughout the years, Nodus has worked in partnership with many renowned international designers and now, for the new collection, Iris Apfel has revisited the existing pieces with unique patterns and colours as to say “simplicity is a state of mind and simple is really beautiful”.
  • We have chosen it because… Bold, brilliant and unique: thanks to its colours and patterns in perfect Iris Apfel-style, this simple collection has gained character. Iris’ style is distinctive and instantly transforms glasses and vases in contemporary art.


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