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Bugatti, electronic kettle Jacqueline - design Innocenzo Rifino + Lorenzo Ruggieri

| Designbest editorial staff


hoosing the right temperature, calculating infusion time, serving in a timely fashion: the tea ceremony has precise rules to follow, especially if you want to savour its full flavour. As we are impatient as well as demanding, we’ve found the perfect answer: a hi-tech kettle that does everything according to tradition and serves infusions any time.


  • What is it? Jacqueline by Bugatti is an electronic kettle.
  • What is special about it? Jacqueline is the kettle of the future: smart as well as brilliant, with an App, you set date and time to drink your favourite tea. This is how you keep your tea hot for the next three hours, prepare camomile-tea at the right temperature and serve the ideal infusion for your guests. All at a touch of a button.
  • How is it made? Jacqueline is a fresh, modern take on a traditional china teapot: it controls every single stage, from the water level to the temperature (from 40° to 100°). The base lights up when you switch it on and the Keep Warm mode (that you can set up to three hours in advance) keeps the water at the desired temperature for the next hour. Besides, with the App Bugatti B Chef, you can set desired temperature, time and day as well, according to our needs. Finally, there’s a mode especially designed for the new mothers and fathers: Baby Food Water brings water to boiling point and tells you when it has reached the right temperature for the baby bottle.
  • Who is it by? Innocenzo Rifino and Lorenzo Ruggieri are two young designers with a background in industrial design. With a refined style, they have a passion for designing smart, modern kitchen appliances that combine an elegant aesthetic with functionality.
  • We have chosen it because… Jacqueline is stylish as a traditional Oriental teapot, smart as a device of the future and adapts brilliantly to the needs of the whole family. With this kettle, you can experience a traditional tea ceremony (as Jacqueline takes care of everything) and savour – and programme as well – the right infusions for every moment of the day.


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