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LATOxLATO, flower pots Marcello, Massimo, Vittorio, Sophia - Collection Platinum - Gold 24k  (ph. Matteo Imbriani)  

| Designbest editorial staff


tarted by two young architects, Francesco Breganze and Virginia Valentini, the brand LATOxLATO is explained by the motto “a new way to create and think”.

LATOxLATO’s main aim is to instantly create interest as well as to take the world by storm with handmade pieces, made individually by expert artisans in the fields of marble, wood, glass and ceramic. In a unique blend of aesthetic and function, LATOxLATO’s objects are free from conventional restraints, reject mainstream design and ignore current trends and fashions, although they remain relevant to the times we live in.

LATOxLATO is in fact, a brand with a unique vision, seeing things in new ways and from different perspectives. “Every time we make a product we want to do it differently from how people’s expectations or how they have been used to seeing it up to that moment” the creative duo states.  

In fact, the brand’s collections are everything apart from being ordinary and predictable. Every piece is a work of art made according to the principles of ‘Made in Italy’ design and top-quality craftsmanship, although the object’s distinctive identity is determined by its silhouette, details and manufacturing techniques.

The brand’s instant popularity is additionally due to the expertise of the artisans, who hols a double role as they act as the keepers of ancient traditions as well as the people who are able to interpret the most irreverent side of contemporary design, perfectly combining tradition and innovation.

Inquisitiveness is in fact LATOxLATO’s driving force that transforms every idea into futuristic, unconventional designs that have the power to bewitch you and leave you lost for words, but undoubtedly never going unnoticed.

This is the philosophy that gave life to every single piece, patiently and far the frenzy of mass production. Every object is in fact a one-of-a-kind piece, inspired by the Italian culture and the artistic and architectural treasures of this country as well as influenced by international trends.

"An object has to evoke an emotion and a certain feeling, it has to adorn the environment, but also enhance the life of the people who choose it" Francesco and Virginia suggest. In fact, the sideboard with an integrated magazine rack, the jointed candlesticks, the spider-shaped tables and the vases with arches and columns appear to have been created to dialogue with the surrounding space and to tell you something about the people who have chosen them, their personal tastes and style. But above all, they experiment with new stylistic languages, leaving an indelible trace in every room.


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