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Ognissole, wine caps Lino and Pia

| Designbest editorial staff


ino and Pia by Ognissole are two novelty wine caps with drip-catcher. Inspired by a traditional terracotta cuckoo whistle, these two bird-like caps happily chirp away every time you pour a glass of wine.

  • What is it? Lino and Pia by Ognissole are two novelty ceramic wine caps.
  • What is special about it? Lino and Pia are a fun and functional alternative to a conventional wine cork. In fact, once they are inside the neck, they act as cork and drip-catcher. They are inspired by traditional terracotta cuckoo whistles and whistle each time you pour a new glass of wine. With Lino and Pia, your dinner parties will become even more pleasant.
  • How is it made? Both pieces are in enamelled ceramic and just like a traditional terracotta cuckoo whistle, have holes which make them whistle when wine is being poured out. In fact, they will whistle every time you pour a glass of wine.
  • Who is it by? Italian designer duo Dossofiorito especially designed these novelty wine caps for the Ognissole winery from the Puglia region, southern Italy. Here, the challenge was to design a bold piece, which would ironically illustrate its land of origin and would invite potential customers to share in the fun.
  • We have chosen it because… They are two witty, fun and functional novelty items. They make us feel like children again; this is mainly because they bring to mind old toy whistles. Furthermore, Lino and Pia are perfect for unwinding with family and friends during a hot summer’s evening.
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