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Riflessi, wall mirror Magnifique

| Designbest editorial staff


u es magnifique”; this is what the mirror says to us every day. And we have to admit, it instantly makes us smile. Because, nothing beats indulging our vanity to begin the day in the right way.


  • What is it? Magnifique by Riflessi is a wall mirror with a silk-printed detail.
  • What is special about it? The mirror is an object that can be vain as well as ruthless. Yet, nobody can live without it. This is why Magnifique by Riflessi is the perfect mirror: ironic and cute with an uplifting compliment (repeated endlessly).
  • How is it made? Magnifique is a 5 mm thick wall mirror with the phrase “tu es magnifique” silk-printed on it (101 cm).
  • Who is it by? A photography, art and design enthusiast, Silvia Maralino is a young designer from Turin, north west Italy, who started her career has an art director. Her motto: pursue beauty at 360°.
  • We have chosen it because… Magnifique by Riflessi is a modern take on Snow White’s mirror, which used to praise the wicked queen. There’s a main difference however: here Snow White isn’t a contender, we’ll always be “magnifique”. A great boost for out self-esteem.


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