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Mamba by Vibe-Tribe, the speaker with a vibrant rhythm

| Designbest editorial staff


mall, bright and with a curvy silhouette: unleash your inner rhythm with Mamba by Vibe-Tribe. And this is such a compact piece, you can even hold it in the palm of your hand. Mamba is also an extremely powerful speaker, designed with ground-breaking technology. Despite its location, a clean and impeccable sound will always come from Mamba.

  • What is it? Mamba by Vibe-Tribe is a vibration speaker.
  • What is special about it? Mamba has 18Watt of pure power and excellent sound quality. What’s more, Mamba includes a fully vibrant mechanism, which has been especially patented to enhance speaker power. And this makes it, the most powerful speaker in the world.
  • How is it made? Mama is built with top technology. It’s compact in size (it can be held in the palm of your hand), extremely lightweight and powerful. Mamba is built with patented technology, which is really a touch of genius: the speaker has a suction base, which sticks to any smooth surface, carries sound and instantly converts any surface into a powerful sound source. What’s more, Mamba has Bluetooth and NFC for wireless connections with both smart phone and tablet, has a microphone for conference calls and  even a speaker-phone.
  • Who is it by? Unicorn is the Italian brand, which has supervised the full extent of the project: from initial concept stages, to colour choices and production.
  • We have chosen it because... Mamba is playful, fun, young and has a such a “friendly” vibe, which makes us want to take it with us always. Use it as a speaker-phone during office hours, for a friend’s gathering or even an impromptu block party; go wild dancing in the street or use it transform your bedroom into a perfect concert hall...Mamba is small but has unparalleled power. 
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