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PiattoUnico, collection Mammiferi Esclusi

| Designbest editorial staff


o you consider the standard ceramic plate set to be boring or old fashioned? Why don’t you set the table this example: retro-inspired as well as handmade as tradition dictates, the motifs are so eclectic and out of the ordinary however that the old-world style is a whole new trend.  


  • What is it? Mammiferi Esclusi by PiattoUnico, is a hand-painted limited edition plate set.
  • What’s special? These retro-inspired plates are decorated with birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and mysterious invertebrate creates: the original and refined patterns of this new classic style. For a table inspired by times gone by, yet full of pizzazz.
  • How is it made? Made in Italy, these ceramic plates are handmade with traditional moulds. The decorative patterns are obtained from nineteenth entry scientific illustrations, before and after Darwin. Made in Nove, an area known for ceramic manufacture, the plate set includes dishwasher-safe, milky-white, retro-style plates.
  • Who is it by? The interior designer Emanuela Sala is the founding member of PiattoUnico. Boundless creativity and a desire to test her strengths; these are Emanuela’s strengths, reflected in her Milanese brand started as a passion.
  • We have chosen it because… Extraordinary people have a desire tradition too. So, here’re the perfect place setting: an unexpected twist to a formal aesthetic, always in great taste. 


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