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KnIndustrie, cocktail shaker Matrioska

| Designbest editorial staff


hile we were browsing through the latest kitchen and home accessories at Homi, we even had time for a drink. And with Matrioska by KnIndustrie, a cocktail shaker that resembles a matryoshka nesting doll in three different metallic finishes, our drink became a pleasant journey in time.


  • What is it? Matrioska by KnIndustrie is a new cocktail shaker in a metallic finish.  
  • What is special about it? Inspired by the iconic matryoshka nesting doll, it hides a magical soul made from a mix of different components: the ingredients we use to prepare our extra-special cocktail.
  • How is it made? In stone-washed aluminium, formed by two distinct units that recall the silhoutte of a tarditional Russian nesting doll. Also available in anodized aluminium in a choice of Bronze, Gold and Black. It’s the companion piece to a set of 16 cocktail glasses.
  • Who is it by? With a poetic touch, the emerging young designer Lara Caffi turns commonplace object in evocative sculptures.
  • We have chosen it because… Matrioska by KnIndustrie makes us feel like kids again, and it adds instant magic. So, a simple cocktail becomes a magical experience.


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