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Lexon, speaker Mino - design Manuela Simonelli + Andrea Quaglio

| Designbest editorial staff


hen you “have the right sound”.  Every day, this tiny hi-tech gem plays the perfect soundtrack and sitting comfortably in your pocket, it lets you take a selfie too.



  • What is it Mino by Lexon, is a tiny portable, Bluetooth speaker.
  • What is special Its pocket-size is a winner. Mini, micro as a matter of fact (it only weights 54 g), yet it has an extraordinary power as well as holding an exceptional secret: you can take a selfie too.
  • How is it made It’s made of colourful anodized aluminium, it weighs only 54 g and has integrated Bluetooth too. Perfect for talking on the phone and listening to your favourite tunes wherever you are, it has a selfie button too that turns on the camera mode on your phone. It’s 3,7x3,7x3,2, it has a life of 2 hours and charges in 30 minutes with a Usb cable.
  • Who is it by Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio are the owners of studio Quaglio Simonelli in Paris. After their debut with Philippe Starck (that lasted two years), the two designers have joined forces to offer a comprehensive design service that goes from furniture to makeup and from technology to lighting. They have won several coveted design awards.
  • We have chosen it because… For us, being able to play our favourite playlist everywhere we are, brings joy to our day. Without taking into account that this little gem sits comparably in your pocket and with it, you take selfies too, capturing our favourite moments. 


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