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eKoala, collection Minù

| Designbest editorial staff


egetal cashmere. Yes, that’s right: the extremely sought-after and warm cashmere yarn is now available in a new sustainable version. What is it made of? Minù by eKoala is made from the cellulose of white fir trees, which makes this fabric even more see-through, absorbent, odour-proof and above all suitable all year round. Minù by eKoala was made with kids’ needs in mind.


  • What is it? Minù by eKoala is the innovative vegetal cashmere muslin, especially made for kids.
  • What is special about it? Minù by eKoala is an innovative sustainable textile range. Soft and warm just like cashmere, Minù is woven from the cellulose of white fir trees and its special molecular structure creates a soft and lightweight fabric. Minù is cool in summer and warm in winter, breathable and odourless, especially designed for children.
  • How is it made? The cellulose used for this vegetal cashmere comes from responsibly harvested timber, which doesn’t contribute to deforestation. The yarn is spun in a sustainable way, as well as being temperature-controlled, breathable, odour-proof and absorbent.
  • Who is it by? Specialised in kids’ products, eKoala has made of sustainability and natural materials its strong suit.
  • We have chosen it because…  Soft like cashmere, fresh like linen, as well as providing natural stress relief. This kids’ line in vegetal fibres is the perfect Christmas gift for all you mums out-there (and not only).


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