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Building Gallery, collection Miror - design The Ladies’Room

| Designbest editorial staff


ere, one-of-a-kind reflections combine voids and simple silhouettes to create new projections as well as imaginative visions. They represent our favourite types of mirrors: as if by magic, these new decorative accessories reflect a world made of poetry and dreams.


  • What is it Miror by Building Gallery, a collection of sculptural mirrors.
  • What is special Brought to life by optical illusions that alter your visual perception, they closely resemble authentic reflecting sculptures rather than standard mirrors. As a result, they are contemporary piece with a poetic, dreamy feel. 
  • How is it made They are composed by hi-tech, industrial materials that create a division in the perception of a specific object: according to the perspective in fact, these mirrors combine voids and geometric silhouettes to create constantly new magical images, whether they are impalpable, dreamy or distinctive.
  • Who is it by Started in Milan in 2016, the Ladies’Room is a design collective composed by Ilaria Bianchi, Augustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio and Sara Ricciardi. By employing vernacular materials and handmade techniques, this all female team prompts you to reflect on contemporary design by creating contemplative and tangible dimensions as well as symbolic itineraries. This project results from a partnership with the Centro Studi Moshe Tabibnia.
  • We have chosen it because… They are as beautiful as sculptures, but above all they reveal the new and magical side of the world that surrounds you. The inspiration comes from the essay "La Camera Chiara" by Roland Barthes (1979) in which, during the moment of reflection, the subject is transformed into an object: these mirrors, in fact, are an invitation (implicit) to enter into contact with ourselves and with our image to discover new perspectives.


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