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Nude Glass, vase Mist

| Designbest editorial staff


ist by Nudeglass is a set of three vases, available in three different sizes. Mist comes from a very simple concept, however its rich character will add a much needed pop of colour to your home. And what’s it secret? Mist is in corrugated clear glass. This unique material will blur the contents of each vase, which, in turn, will produce extraordinary optical illusions. 

  • What is it? Mist by Nudeglas is a set of three vases in corrugated clear glass.  
  • What’s special about it? Each vase has a simple aesthetic and corrugated clear glass will blur the contents of each vase, creating extraordinary optical illusions. So, if you put some flowers in, the corrugated glass will blur their stems and make the colourful petals stand out even more.  
  • How is it made? Each vase is in corrugated handmade crystal glass.
  • Who is it by?  Designer Tamer Nakisci was born in Istanbul in 1982. Tamer has an all-around approach to design and his innate ability to mix together shapes, ideas, technology, materials and emotions, helps him to have a most original perspective. And what's the outcome, his designs have always a touch of the eccentric.
  • We have chosen it because… Mist isn’t just any old set of vases. In fact, each piece can reinvent itself with even the smallest of efforts, evoking wonderful new emotions. The only thing left to do, is to put inside a bunch of flowers, a newspaper, your sewing kit or even some colourful marbles. And in turn, Mist will create extraordinary optical illusions, full of magical nuances.  
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