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Nendo, Mobile Cushion

| Designbest editorial staff


endo designs “mobile-cushion” for by | n; this is a patchwork cushion with special pockets for smartphones and tablets. “Mobile-cushion” lets you stay connected even when you’re chilling on the sofa. And we are ready to bet, it’ll appeal to all you lazies of the digital era. 

  • What is it? “Mobile cushion” by Nendo for by | n; this is a cushion with special pockets for smartphones and tablets.
  • What is special about it? “Mobile cushion” looks like any other cushion, it’s elegant and soft, except it has special pockets for smartphones and tablets. In fact, this simple detail turns mobile cushion” into an extremely functional and original piece. While your device is hidden, its screen stays visible, so you can still use it without much hassle at all.
  • How is it made? “Mobile cushion” has a patchwork cover made from a variety of different textiles, available in three different colour combinations. The overall effect is extremely elegant. Mobile cushion”  has a central pocket for smartphones and tablets and in this way, the screen of your device is visible while the rest stays hidden.
  • Who is it by? Nendo that is to say, Canadian born Japanese designer Oki Sato. Nendo has a distinct minimalist style, always able to bring together poetry and emotions. Elegant, sometimes ironic and original; this is Nendo down to a tee.  
  • We have chosen it because…  Smartphones and tablets have now become an appendage of our bodies, they are always with us and never leave our side. And in certain way, they bring out the lazy side in each and every one of us (they keep answering our questions and provide us with endless information). So, you might as well be comfortable: mobile cushion” is the archetype of pure relaxation and its novel pockets keep our gadgets always to the ready.  
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