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Bosa, collection Most Illustrious - design Elena Salmistrato 

| Designbest editorial staff


hink about four distinguished names in the Italian design, imagine them together for a photoshoot and then look here: there it is, the (nearly) perfect portrait of Castiglioni, Mendini, Dalisi and De Lucchi. In 3D ceramics.


  • What is it? Most Illustrious by Bosa, small containers in glazed ceramic.
  • What’s special about it? Achille Castiglioni, Alessandro Mendini, Riccardo Dalisi and Michele De Lucchi: here are the teachers of Italian design in statuette version, or rather, transformed in glazed ceramic containers. Humorous, evocative, iconic, they’re the perfect (and original) tribute to design.
  • How is it made? They are glazed ceramic containers that portray four of the most iconic Italian designers: Castiglioni, Mendini, Dalisi and De Lucchi. Each is made by arranging his most famous projects: Achille Catiglioni’s body has the shape of the Gatto lamp and the Mezzadro stool, Alessandro Mendini has the ears shaped like his iconic Guerriero di Vetro and the pants texture is just like the one in Proust’s armchair, Riccardo Dalisi is the ensemble of little tin men with his coffee maker’s grip, while Michele De Lucchi is a mix between the Bisonte stool and the Pulcina coffee maker.
  • Who is it by? Elena Salmistrato, designer and illustrator that always puts her ideas on paper and transforms her oneiric world in poetic, ironic, visionary and unique 3d projects. “Every designer is what he creates” says Elena. Her projects, in fact, are a concentrate of contagious creativity and vibrant imagination, just like she is.
  • We have chosen it because… This collection is an original and smart tribute to four great designers. The four containers are day to day ironic, erudite, creative containers, but full of historic references. They have that unique and visionary style with which Elena Salmistrato is always able to charm us.


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