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Punkt, mobile phone MP02 - design Jasper Morrison

| Designbest editorial staff


hat do you need a mobile for? To phone and to talk to people. This is the idea behind Jasper Morrison’s new mobile phone, the evolution of Punkt’s archetypal telephone. Simple, essential, yet in tune with modern day life, number 2 challenges hyper-connected people: focus on everyday life.


  • What is it MP02 by Punkt, the simple mobile phone.
  • What is special Born to let your telephone, yet without disrupting your everyday life and transforming into an object that you have to be hyper-connected to. This archetypal mobile phone in fact, focuses on vocal communication, yet you are able to accesses your email and social media accounts by connecting it to a tablet. Simple and practical, perfect for detoxing from technology without denying it.
  • How is it made It’s simple, ergonomic and the complete opposite of the latest smartphones as it has only the essential features: excellent sound quality, band 4G LTE, hotspot, BlackBerry Secure Software (it’s the first non-BlackBerry phone to have it), a clear display under the sun and “thread” text messages. Besides, MP02 is especially designed to be used in combination with a tablet, thanks to its wide screen suitable for writing a browsing the web. The Norwegian sound artist Kjetil Røst Nilsen has created personalised ringtones.
  • Who is it by The British designer Jasper Morrison is the art director of the Swiss electronics manufacturer Punkt. Award-winning as well as internationally acclaimed, the designer Jasper Morrison focuses on simplicity, appreciating everyday beauty and making this available to the general public. Therefore, his design process often begins with re-designing commonplace objects, creating pieces that are able to transcend current fads and fashions.
  • We have chosen it because… At last there’s a phone that lets to communicate without too many distractions. This mobile phone helps you enjoy having a real conversation, avoiding being bombarded by notifications and constant information. So you can concentrate on everyday life and connect to the virtual world when and how you want. focused on everyday life and connect to the virtual world only when and how you want.


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