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Guzzini, ciotole My Fusion

| Designbest editorial staff


harp contrasts and bright colours: this is how a conventional salad bowl becomes a fun and vibrant home accessory. With its daring approach, My Fusion by Setsu&Shinobu Ito for Guzzini, is a modern twist to the ancient tradition of oriental lacquer.

  • What is it? My Fusion by Guzzini is a collection of two-tone salad bowls.
  • What is special about it? My Fusion includes six different colour combinations, which blends warm and cool colours together; this is a minimal piece which lets colour speak for itself. And what’s the outcome: simple bowls with a wide appeal and which brighten up any tablescape. 
  • How is it made? Each bowl is injection moulded in three different colours.To the naked eye there are only two, but sandwiched in the middle there’s a third white layer, which increases the reflectance of the other two colours: a satined exterior and a glossy interior. This special technology joins together three separate layers of plastic (in different colours), without mixing different colours. In this way, the following is possible: games of light and shadows and surfaces in a block, transparent, glossy or satined finish.
  • Who is it by? Setsu&Shinobu Ito are two Japanese designers and architects, who work in Milan. Their design studio, set up in 1999, touches different fields ( product design, graphics, packaging design, architecture, furniture design and interior design) and brings organic shapes and graphics together. They describe their design style: “ we are Japanese, we have a naturalist identity and our religion respects nature…”
  • We have chosen it because…  It’s inspired by the elegance of ancient oriental lacquer pieces. However, it has a modern and almost playful soul, which is perfectly suited to our tablescapes. You only need one to brighten up a lunch with friends and you can group several together for a festive table, drinks on the terrace or afternoon tea. Furthermore, they are also really pretty when empty.  
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