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Clairy, air purifier Natede

| Designbest editorial staff


oo hot to be outside? Leave it up to Natede by Clairy, a new smart vase that acts as an air purifier. It uses the natural properties of plants to remove indoor pollution. So with Natede, there’s no stop to your personal wellbeing.ù


  • What is it? Natede by Clairy, the new smart vase that acts as an air purifier.
  • What is it? Natede is effectively a real air purifier that regulates indoor air quality, relying on nature. In fact, this vase monitors and evaluates environmental parameters and through its roots, uses the natural properties of plants to reduce air pollution. Plus, you can control Natede remotely by connecting to a Wifi network as well as using the special app.
  • How is it made? Natede is integrated with patented technology that amplifies the natural properties of plants, using them to purify the indoor air (during the eighties, NASA learnt that through their roots, certain species of plants were able to reduce toxins). Made by Venetian craftsmen, it has a double-vase filter system that relies on phytodepuration: its hi-tech heart increases air movement through the plant itself and thanks to the microorganisms present in the soil that are linked to the roots, it feeds on the air-toxins, removing them. The system includes sensors that detect air quality, temperature and humidity, constantly monitoring the level of domestic pollution. You can monitor this progress through a live feed, by longing onto the app or through the Wifi connection. Natede is has a low energy consumption, is made of sustainable materials, has no filters to keep clean and it has a self-watering system with the capacity of approx 1 litre. Plus, Natede was certified by LINV, the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology and PNAT, a spin-off of the University of Florence.
  • Who is it by? An American firm located in San Francisco, throughout the years Clairy has consistently promoted sustainability, working on increasing personal wellbeing as well as safeguarding the environment. Clairy’s products use the natural properties of plats to purify the indoor air in a sustainable way. Clairy has paired up with the Eden Reforestation Projects, an ONG that contributes towards reforesting developing countries.
  • We have chosen it because… Natede by Clairy combines technology and design with the natural world, plus it’s able to reduce indoor pollution (5 times higher than outdoor pollution) in a totally sustainable way. This smart vase enhances the natural properties of plants while taking care of the plant itself (thanks to the self-watering system) and of your wellbeing too (one is enough to purify a 36 sqm space, 24 hours a day).


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