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Nebula collection di Serena Confalonieri (ph. Andrea Agrati) 

| Designbest editorial staff


rovocation or reflection? Serena Confalonieri has clearly gotten us used to incursions into unexplored worlds and alternative visions of reality, art and the imagination.

And with Nebula, the latest of her explorations with hand-blown borosilicate glass, she has once again left us in awe. Sinuous and dreamy, this family of objects seems to be made of soap bubbles (and they instantly project us into Wonderland of Alice and the psychedelic Caterpillar) and is the designer’s latest venture into self-production.

Inspired by the lightness of smoke and the vibrancy of the Seventies, the Nebula collection includes three imaginative bongs. With colorful nuances, ethereal and rounded bodies, and accents which make design an art and art an object of design, Serena Confalonieri has decided to approach a topical and sensitive issue (the use of legalized cannabis is more and more common) and does so by relying on her distinctive style, high-quality craftsmanship and a hint of irony.

The name, Nebula, is a reference to the rarefied shades of nebulas. It attempts to evoke a fluid atmosphere where water vapor redefines space and time with evanescent colors and unusual visions. Nebula can be used with friends or alone, and even (why not?) as unusual vases for delicate bouquets, in that eternal dichotomy of vice and virtue.



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