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Orolavico, Odyssey underplates - design Andrea Branciforte

| Designbest editorial staff


ith energy unleashed from magma, the power of nature and the artisanal beauty of sustainable and functional design, the table setting in 2021 exhibits an impeccable mix of tradition and innovation that considers both style and the environment.


  • What it is Odyssey Collection by Orolavico, the collection of lava stone underplates.
  • What makes it special All of the underplates are artisanally made from lava stone with six visions from the dreamlike universe of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Their marked characteristics are their nuances created through an eco-sustainable procedure that allows for the reproduction of the natural colors, not visible on the Ral and Pantone scales. The result is the perfect synthesis of beauty, eco-sustainability and functionality.
  • How it is made It is a collection of underplates (15 pieces with a diameter of 29 cm) made in lava stone and decorated with natural nuances obtained from an eco-sustainable laboratory procedure. All the tonalities are obtained from a single base of glass and are not found on the classic Ral or Pantone palettes. The textural look of the collection places attention on the preciousness of the lava stone and makes one reflect on nature and importance of the environment.
  • Whose idea it is Andra Branciforte, the architect, designer and current President of ADI Sicilia, wanted to promote eco-sustainability alongside Orolavico, a Sicilian company founded in 2015 through the experience of managers and artisans. “With this collection I am a bringing an ancient material to the table, lava stone. Regardless of the processing it undergoes, it preserves, collects and tells the story of magma in its transformation into stone. Kubrick’s film is able to simultaneously speak about the past, present and future of humanity by questioning and reflecting on life beyond Earth. I think that Kubrick is inviting us to take on a new kind of awareness of the relationship that connects humanity, the Earth and the universe, a theme that is still very much relevant today.”
  • We chose it because…On the one hand, there is the magic of lava stone; on the other, there are the natural nuances that are not present on the Ral or Pantone scales. These artisanal underplates made through a special eco-sustainable procedure offer us spectacular graphic elements that embellish the table and are good for the environment.




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